Warring kingdoms. Scheming monarchs and devious holy men.
An inconceivable, all-damning threat.
The rise of unlikely heroes.
A story of courage, love and faith.

Sword & Fire


Sword & Fire is an epic fantasy set on the fictional supercontinent of Pangaia.

Initially, Sword & Fire was envisaged as a single book with two subplots. Over time, it morphed into a three-volume saga that weaves nine explosive subplots into a deliciously complex tale.

It is not a trilogy per se. Rather, in a similar vein to Lord of the Rings, its multi-layered drama unfolds over the three volumes. (The entire manuscript is complete save for four chapters in Vol. III that require rewrites.)

  • This is the story of four warring kingdoms wholly ignorant of the imminent invasion of a savage horde and the disparate band of outcasts who seek to shield their world from destruction.

    The four kingdoms of Pangaia juggle a friable amity. The belligerent King of the Eastgate plots to subjugate all under his iron-fisted rule. When the quinquennial Peace Celebration descends into a farce, the Eastgate’s King pounces. Manipulating the West to war on the South, he sets his own eyes on overthrowing the wealthy Northgate. As bitter war looms, treachery takes one and all in its teratoid tentacles. While monarchs scheme and rage, devious seers and twisted priests serve only to stoke the blistering madness into full flame. Yet, shrouded in the dark shadow cast by a century-long enmity and a religion that leaves no place for magic and wonder, Pangaia remains blind to the bestial horde mustering on uncharted realms with one thing in mind: slaughter.

    In a vast primordial land in which the ancient tales speak of giants and magic, and of great fire-spitting beasts, can a disparate band of those forgotten and outcast awaken the primeval magic and redeem a world scarred and shaken? What can a young crookback, an escaped prisoner, a crippled prince, a wizened sage and a mysterious elderly woman possibly do to shield Pangaia from the imminent onslaught of sword and fire?

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About the Author

The author of nine books to date under various pseudonyms, Axel Creed has spent the last five years building the world of Sword & Fire. He invites you to read along as he adds consecutive chapters of his first volume to the website. Better yet, join the reading group to help fashion and forge Sword & Fire.

Mesmerised by Lewis’s spellbinding Narnia as a kid, he became wonderfully and hopelessly and magically lost in Tolkien’s Middle-earth as a teen, and to give you a full account, he’s never recovered.